Auto-Hunting With Clones

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Auto-Hunting With Clones is a popular Manhwa series by the artist Lee Hyeon-Seok. The series began serialization in 2020 and has gained much popularity among fans of the genre.
The story follows the character Hyeonu, a high-level player in a virtual reality game called “Atheros Online.” The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where players must hunt monsters and scavenge for resources to survive. Hyeonu is a skilled player who has reached the highest level in the game, but he is always looking for ways to improve his skills and climb even higher. 

One day, Hyeonu discovers a new game feature that allows him to create clones of himself to help him hunt monsters and gather resources. This new ability is a game-changer for Hyeonu, allowing him to accomplish tasks more efficiently. However, Hyeonu soon discovers that his clones have a mind of their own, and they begin to develop unique personalities and motivations.

One of the strengths of Auto-Hunting With Clones is its unique premise. Creating clones to help with tasks is an interesting concept that adds a new layer of strategy to the story. The clones also add a comedic element to the story, as their personalities and quirks often lead to humorous situations. The series also features a strong sense of world-building, with detailed descriptions of the game’s mechanics and lore, making the story feel immersive and believable. 

Another standout feature of Auto-Hunting With Clones is its fast-paced action sequences. The series features intense battles with monsters, and the artwork does an excellent job of capturing the sense of speed and energy in these fights. The character designs are also distinct and memorable, with each clone having its unique look and personality.
The series also explores deeper themes, such as the nature of identity and free will. As the clones develop their personalities and motivations, they question their existence and what it means to be a clone. The series also touches on issues such as the ethics of creating clones and the responsibility of having the power to do so.

In terms of artwork, Auto-Hunting With Clones features clean and detailed illustrations. The action sequences are well-drawn and easy to follow, with a great sense of movement and energy that adds to the story’s excitement. The character designs are also well-crafted, with each character having a unique look and style.

The series also features a cast of supporting characters who add depth and complexity to the story. These characters include other players in the game and non-player characters who inhabit the game world. The relationships between these characters are well-developed, and their interactions add emotional depth to the story.

Overall, Auto-Hunting With Clones is a well-crafted, engaging Manhwa series with a unique premise and lovable characters. Its fast-paced action sequences and detailed world-building make it a fun and immersive read, while its exploration of deeper themes adds a layer of emotional depth that sets it apart from other Manhwa series. Whether you are a fan of action, comedy, or sci-fi, Auto-Hunting With Clones is a series that will satisfy you.

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